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Andrew Flannigan on securing a permanent role at Atradius

Andrew Flannigan (Drew) had planned to go travelling after university but found himself applying for graduate programmes after the Covid-19 outbreak halted his travel plans.

“When I heard about the programme, I honestly thought it was too good to be true. I had been looking for a route into financial services and the programme was a golden ticket. Although the application selection process was tough, it was clear why when I joined because I’ve met so many talented graduates on this programme and haven’t looked back since applying.”

The rotational aspect of the Programme allows graduates to start connecting with professionals across South Wales and beyond. This is something that Drew has found to be highly beneficial, he says:

“I have begun to build a network that is already proving how valuable it will be to me as well as making life-long friends throughout the process. The whole programme team has been great throughout, we have had support for anything we’ve needed; from studying to the placements and anything else in between.

We’ve had clear progress and development goals and the opportunity to speak to the right people thanks to the network that CNECT has.”

Drew’s third and final placement was at Atradius, where he has secured a permanent position. He said:

I have recently secured a new role at Atradius as a Business Development Manager. I have been very happy with all three of the placements and have gained experiences from each of them. I have now found a role that I am genuinely loving, that aligns with my personality, and fits with the types of roles I will want throughout my career.

As far as the future is concerned, I can say that I would like to stay within the world of business development/Sales and see what opportunities I can seek out in finance. I have proven to myself that I have the talent and drive to embark on a successful career and the programme has been central to building those foundations over the last two years.

My time on the programme has been nothing short of exceptional. It has been filled with welcome challenges that I have embraced at every step, each of which have helped me grow into the successful young professional I am becoming.”

Congratulations to Drew on securing an exciting job and we look forward to watching his career flourish in the future.