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Data/AI: Mid-Point Show & Tell 2022

As part of showcasing the work being carried out by our Data/AI graduates, our current cohort took part in a Show and Tell Event, hosted by our university partner, University of South Wales.

The mid-point event was an excellent opportunity for the graduates to share the initial work they have undertaken during the first 5 months of their 10-month work placement. Each graduate was asked to present a poster to an audience of their peers, employers, academics, and members of the WCCF and wider programme.

Due to the fast-pasted and ever evolving technological landscape, the applications of Data & AI across industry are varied and constantly growing to ensure they are at the forefront of innovation. This event highlighted the diverse projects being undertaken by the grads.

Posters are widely used at both academic and industry conferences to creatively and visually demonstrate research and work undertaken. Each grads produced a poster summarising their work-based project and were given just 3 minutes to present.

It was a great opportunity for the graduates to get early feedback on their work and to practice their presentation and communication skills.

Course leader Rebecca said:

 “ I was incredibly impressed by the work presented by the grads at the event. Designing a poster is not an easy task, you need to think about the audience and accessibility. Some of the work undertaken by the grads is specific to their employer and technical, it was important that the grads selected only key information to include.

There is also visual imagery to think about, this is a great way to display data and information but has to be presented correctly on a poster. I thoroughly enjoyed the event, especially having seen the grads develop on weekly basis with their employers. It was wonderful to see each present a poster that told a story that reflected their individual initial journey – well done grads!”

Some examples of the poster presentations:

  1. Alexander Lee – Admiral

Alex has been building data models to help predict the lifetime value of an Admiral customer.

      2. Daniel King:

Daniel is currently working on a project to improve existing Business Intelligence reports to help company stakeholders better interpret company performance.

         3. Iddon Roberts: Atradius

Iddon has been working on a project designed to support Atradius’ underwriters to be able to identify fraudulent activity more easily. This has involved creating a machine learning tool.