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Data Science Start-up Empirisys join the Employer Consortium

We are thrilled to have a new employer join our consortium for 2022. Data Science start-up Empirisys will be providing two Data/AI placements for our Fast Track Programme which kicks off in January.

Co-founder of Empirisys, Peter Sueref, has been a supporter of our Programme for a number of years, having previously worked for Centrica. We are delighted to have him involved again and for our graduates to benefit from the experience of working with a start-up.

Peter has worked with data his whole career and has built an incredible reputation in the industry. He was the Data Science Director at Centrica, working on some of the biggest problems in energy today. He has also been an advisor to the Brown Report on Digital Innovation in Wales.

In 2020, he left his role at Centrica to set up Empirisys, where he is the CTO and co-founder. Peter said:

“Empirisys began in November 2020, when my co-founder, Gus Carroll, ex-Chief Engineer at Centrica and I decided to use our expertise to build a company aimed at helping keep organisations safe.

We currently offer consultancy services to help large, high-hazard organisations improve their safety performance and productivity. We surface technical, organisational, behavioural, leadership, and cultural deficiencies through data science and our expertise in operational engineering.”

Since founding the company, it has already grown to 8 permanent employees and an advisory board with representatives from academia, venture, finance, safety and start-ups.

The addition of Empirisys to our employer consortium will give graduates a unique insight into the culture of a start-up and the dynamics of working within a smaller team compared to some of our corporate employers such as Admiral and Principality Building Society.

This is something we’re passionate about, as it showcases the variety of organisations, roles and opportunities within data/AI.

Peter commented: “The Fast Track Programme provides an amazing opportunity for new businesses like Empirisys. It gives access to incredibly talented people looking for their first step into industry, and the funding model from WEFO means that small organisations can access talent that was previously only available to larger, well-funded companies.

It also allows our business to build a capability from the ground-up, instilling the culture and values that are important in our mission to help make organisations safer.”

Nyala Noe, Data Scientist at Empirisys will be the Line Manager for the two Graduates on placement there, Morgan and Alex. She has deep technical experience with statistical and machine learning modelling, cloud technologies and big data platforms.

Nyala has built up a specialty working on people-focused projects covering employee analytics, customer journeys and organisational social networks.

She told us: “The Graduates will be working on the development of our flagship product, DETECT. They’ll be involved with some data profiling and management, and we’ll give them the opportunity to build natural language models, visualisations, dashboards and pipelines to operationalise the work they’ve done.

They will also get the chance to work with real clients on live projects, and, because we’re a start-up, anything else that needs to get done.”

It’s going to be a really exciting opportunity for our graduates and we’re looking forward to catching up with them a few months in to find out how they’re getting on.

Thanks to Peter and his team at Empirisys, we’re thrilled to have you on board.

To find out more about Empirisys and the services they offer, visit their website.