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Fast Track Data/AI Case Study: Jack Israel

Jack Israel was one of the graduates to take part in our inaugural Fast Track Dara/AI Graduate Programme which started in January 2021.

Here he shares is experience of the programme so far…

“Before joining this programme I completed an undergraduate master’s in mathematics at the University of Bath. The Fast-Track Programme appealed to me because it was a way of getting a foothold in the data science industry as well as providing the learning element which would help me to improve my skills.

Before joining the programme, I had some experience coding in Python and R, but I didn’t have any hands-on experience using those skills in real analytics projects” Jack said.

Jack’s placement is with as a Graduate Data Analyst. The company is a leading Microsoft Partner, providing industry-focused Microsoft Dynamics and business intelligence solutions.

“Since being on the programme my proficiency with programming in R, Python and SQL have improved dramatically in just a few months.

The largest project I’ve taken on is creating a new internal resource management reporting system for The system is being developed internally, but eventually it will become a product that we sell to clients.

I am developing the system to meet the need to collate information about their employees and how their time is being utilized. Once it is in place it should have assist management on all levels of the business to make more informed decisions.

I have been able to tie several of the coursework assignments directly into my work-based learning and demonstrate my value to my placement company.

We asked Jack what advice he would give to a graduate who was applying for the next Programme. He said:

“It has been very rewarding to work in a full-time position while learning at the same time.

Give your all during the application process. Even if you don’t think you have the perfect skills to enter a data-driven workplace, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to find a niche. The companies on the scheme are committed to fostering a community of data analysts and scientists in Wales, and you might be one of them.

By the end of the Programme, I hope to find a permanent position at my workplace company, with the necessary skills under my belt to advance my career in data science over the next few years.”

Thanks to Jack for sharing his experience and best of luck for the rest of the Programme.