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Fast Track Data/AI Graduates at Admiral, one year on…

Alex, Lauraine and Stuart were on our inaugural Fast Track Data/AI Graduate Programme and had placements with Admiral. Since the Programme ended in September, all three have secured permanent positions at the company.

They tell us more about their new roles and what made Admiral such an attractive choice of employer…

Alex Blewitt:

I am now working as a data analyst for Claims Analytics in Advanced Analytics Department. The team are amazing to work with and are really friendly.

My role involves working with the data that is produced by the models in claims and helping to produce dashboards.

My highlights since working with Admiral have been my team members. They’ve been kind, friendly and have helped me to get through my course and achieve the best mark for my Post Graduate Diploma.

The activities at Admiral are amazing especially taking part in the Advanced Analytics Olympics which was allowed me to meet people from my team in a relaxed environment. I also enjoyed the Department Zoom Cocktail making afternoon.

I wanted to stay at Admiral following my placement because it’s rewarding and fun to be here. There is a strong feeling that the department want you to succeed in what you do, and I find this really motivating.

Stuart Walding:  

I’ve been hired in the same role as my placement, as a Business Intelligence Analyst in the Motor Product Insight team.

My role is interesting because there’s a lot of variety in what I do day to day. Some of the main parts include data mining and analysis in SAS and Excel, putting together dashboards and summarising findings from analysis for managers from other departments to get a better understanding of the data and what it means.

My highlight so far has been the opportunity to conduct an analysis of how charging administration fees mid-term affects retention of various customers in different situations, which has supported discussions about fees and helped our understanding of customer response to them.

I also had the chance to present the findings of an analysis of deeplinking on to the Motor Product Department at our quarterly update meeting, which was a daunting but fulfilling opportunity.

I’m grateful to have secured a role at Admiral because really enjoy working within my team and thankful for the opportunities they’ve given me. I’ve felt like part of the team from the beginning and get along with everyone really well, I didn’t hesitate to accept the offer.

What makes Admiral unique is the culture here. I am a huge advocate for the belief that if your employees are happy and enjoy coming to work, they will do their job a lot better. I see that in myself and know that this environment is perfect for me.

 Lauraine Roberts:

I’m currently working as a Data Analyst within the Risk Team in Advanced Analytics. I’m one of the only analysts on my team, but within the wider team (Advanced Analytics) there are a cohort of analysts which I keep in regular contact with too.

One of my career highlights with Admiral so far is that I have managed to replace my department’s existing Model Information Tracker using the Google Cloud Platform Looker. It’s still a continuous work in progress but it’s been rewarding to produce something that is beneficial for the department.

The culture at Admiral was a big draw when it came to wanting to stay on after my placement Everyone is super friendly and always willing to help.

My advice to anyone starting out on the Fast Track Programme would be to give everything a go. You never know what you’re capable of unless you try. Never be put off by opportunities that may seem out of reach, you might surprise yourself.

It’s fantastic to see how far our Graduates have come in less than a year, good luck in your careers with Admiral!