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What Are Contact Centres? The £650 million question.
They’re a feature of modern life, pumping £650 million into the Welsh economy every year – but how much do we really know about contact centres?

You might be more familiar with the term ‘call centre’ – the typical image of large numbers of people sat behind phones dealing with customers. As the role of the call centre has expanded to cover customer service online – through e-mail, websites and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter – the term’contact centre’ is used; it’s not just calls any more.

A huge number of companies, organisations and bodies use different types of contact centres to do different jobs – from customer complaints to emergency rescues.


Number Cruncher

The figure behind the industry


people employed in contact centres in Wales.


contact centres in Wales.


is the amount the contact centre industry to the Welsh economy annually.


is the average starting salary for a contact centre employee.