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How do I apply for the Programmes?

Applications for our 2022-23 Fast Track Data/AI Programme are now open. You can find all the details on how to apply on the web page. Please note: applications submitted without a CV or a cover letter will not be processed, and both are required to support the application.

Are there any restrictions on who can apply?

You must be eligible to work in the UK and have achieved a degree graded 2.1 or above. Due to the nature of the programme we are unable to recruit students who require a visa or sponsorship.

What does the application process involve?

After sending us your CV and cover letter, if shortlisted, you will be asked to complete some online tests (verbal reasoning, numeracy and personality tests). If successful you will then be given a one-to-one video interview, after which successful candidates will be invited to an assessment centre. Following the assessment centres we will let successful candidates know that they have made it on our programme!

Will I get instructions on how to do the online tests?

We will send you a link to do the online tests which will take you to the relevant site. Here you can read detailed instructions on how to access and complete the tests and even get an opportunity to practice some sample questions. We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity and have a practice as it gives you an insight into the format and style of questions you will be asked.

How will the video sessions work?

You will be sent full instructions as well as a link to the relevant video platform. We usually use Zoom and we recommend that you download it in advance of the interview to ensure everything runs smoothly at your end.

Why do you run assessment centres?

We find that assessment centres are the best way to see how you work in groups and the best way to find out more about you. They have a fun but professional vibe, and applicants usually enjoy the experience regardless of whether they make it through or not! Our assessment centres vary according to the programme you have applied for.

When will I know the outcome of the assessment centre?

You will be informed of the outcome of the assessment centres within two weeks of attending. If you are unsuccessful, we will offer comprehensive feedback within two weeks of receiving your outcome.

What is the dress code for assessment centres?

Wear smart, comfortable and appropriate clothing.

What happens during an assessment centre?

Our assessment centres typically involve starting the day with an informal and relaxed networking session with employers. You may then be asked to analyse and present a set of data in an interview and take part in a group exercise, working with other candidates and as part of a team to solve a business problem. The assessment centres will last for approximately 4 hours.

How do you decide where my first placement will be?

The Graduate Programme Wales team work with you from the moment you get onto the programme to understand your background, your hopes and ambitions. From there, combined with their deep knowledge on each of the consortium employers, they endeavour to place you in a role which starts your journey on the right path.

How do rotations work on the Financial Services Programme?

A fundamental aspect of the Financial Services Programme is that you get 3 eight month placements, doing 3 different roles at different consortium employers. The first placement will be based on your experience, hopes and aspirations (see above). During each placement you have a development and performance plan that travels with you throughout the two year programme. This highlights your achievements and areas for development. It’s also very handy for updating your CV as well!

How will I be employed and paid?

You will be employed by your host employer on an 8 month fixed term contract and paid straight into your bank account, usually monthly in arrears.

Where are the employers based?

All of our placements are in south east Wales, meaning that you could be working in Cardiff, Newport or the outskirts of either. We expect graduates to be able to travel to any of the employer locations.

Which University will be delivering the Postgraduate qualification?

In order to ensure that we are delivering the most up to date, industry relevant content, we ask suppliers to tender before deciding on the provider of each programme. We will be able to share the name of the supplier with you at the assessment centres.

What background checks will be done on me?

As the majority of our employers work within regulated environments you will be subjected to background checks. The employers use a variety of checks including criminal record, credit and references and these will be carried out before each rotation to a new employer.

Will I get a job at the end of the programme?

Although we don’t guarantee a job, our graduates are in pole position to apply for vacancies across the employer consortium during their final rotation. An incredible 98% of all of our graduates gain permanent employment by the end of the Programme.