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Hannah Mallen on Volunteering with Principality Building Society

Hannah Mallen is on her second rotation of the Financial Services Graduate Programme and is working at Principality Building Society.

She recently took part in a volunteering initiative which saw her help plant trees across Heath Park in Cardiff.

Read about her experience below:

“As part of my volunteering day allowance offered by Principality, myself and some of my colleagues volunteered to help plant trees for Coed Caerdydd.

Coed Caerdydd is a 10 year programme with an aim to increase the number of trees in Cardiff, helping to support the city’s ‘One Planet’ climate change strategy. There target is to increase the tree coverage across the city from 18.9% to 25%.

Every year, Cardiff trees remove around 10.5% of all pollutants emitted by the City’s traffic. This includes 7,900 tonnes of carbon which is the same as the annual emissions from 14,000 cars.

They also provide an attractive and green environment throughout the city which supports wildlife and healthier communities, with Oak trees alone supporting 2,300 species. The trees also take up 356 million litres of rainfall every year, this helps to reduce water treatment costs and the risk of flooding.

My first experience of tree planting included digging holes alongside Heath’s football pitch to plant various types of trees such as, Willow, Oak and, Cherry blossoms.

We also expanded the forest nearby which included Whips and Holly brushes to name a few. I had the best first experience, with a great group of people. I would encourage anyone to lend a hand where they can to help reduce the carbon emissions across our city.

I cannot wait to visit in a few years to see how the trees we planted are coming along.

You can get involved in a range of activities, with events running up until spring 2023. Visit the link to learn more: