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How Can Businesses Grow During A Pandemic?

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New digital agency, My Digital Ego have recently launched in Cardiff. In this article they discuss how businesses can still grow through the most challenging of times, offering advice on how to grow digitally…

Despite all the disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the world, businesses are still raking in huge profits. For example, Amazon, the world’s most valuable business. Amazon has made headlines across the globe due to its huge commercial success during a time of economic uncertainty.

By the end of this year Amazon will have added another £2 billion pounds to the UK economy. Despite analyst’s unfavourable predictions, a 6.8% increase from 2019. Overall, the e-commerce industry is projected to have 19% increase in profits this year adding £78.9bn to the UK economy.

People are spending more time than ever on their phones – whether on social media, shopping or browsing, with over 3 trillion daily queries through google and an average of 4 queries per person per day.

In short, businesses need to have stronger online presence. They need to be pushing out more content, meeting consumers where they are spending their time – digitally on their smart phones and devices.

1. Meet clients in Social
One of the main ingredients of successful e-commerce is a strong media presence to improve and maintain brand awareness. These days the easiest way to do this and meet new potential customers is through social media. Apps like Instagram and Facebook are essential to brands; whether they use it for displaying new product ranges or to interact with their clientele. Make sure your social media accounts are engaging yet simple to help showcase the best of your brand.

2. Get seen through search
With the sheer volume of searches and reliance on search engines like Google, its important customers are finding your business from relevant searches. Appearing high in search results pages is all about having great content – creating regular, informative web content that helps customers solve problems.

This can be a regular blog section where you share your expertise, or a series of short video showing the ‘behind the scenes’ at your business. Google loves fresh content and will see you as the expert if you’re creating a lot of content about a subject. Reaching out to other websites to link to your article, blog will also offer it more authority and show google other business believe you to be expert to, so your page rank and position on organic search results page will increase.

3. A Clean and Navigable Website
While this may seem like an obvious step only 46% of small business in the U.S and the U.K have a website and even then, most them are too difficult for consumers to navigate through. Some simple rules are:
Make clear calls to action. Every button should have a clear action on it i.e. – Click here to get in touch. This makes it easy for visitors to understand what they have to do next.

Keep it simple. Don’t try to be to clever with colours or over cluttered imagery – white, crisp, clean websites with simple navigation and clear calls to action will often perform the best.

Build everything with a mobile-first mentality. The biggest growth in ecommerce is in mobile user and transactions. The smaller screens can make for tricky navigation, so ensure the you are considering this user in your website layout.

4. Know Your Audience
Understanding and knowing who your target market is has long been at the heart of marketing. Ensure you define your audience as tightly as possible, then create products, develop content and write posts with them in mind. Keeping up with the latest trends of your audience is also essential for an e-commerce business’s success. Our advice is to offer targeted products that fit with your audiences latest demands and needs, then promote them through your social media and web presence through engaging content.

At My Digital Ego, we make sure that you have the right tools. Affordable tools and support that will enable your business to connect with consumers and grow the brand.

Our content and design creation, social media management and SEO teams become an extension of your business with packages from £350 a month.

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