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Inigo shares his experience on the Financial Services Graduate Programme

After finishing university, Inigo knew he wanted a career in accounting and finance and the opportunity to gain paid employment in three financial services companies made Graduate Programme Wales catch his eye.

“A career in financial services has always been on the cards for me but the fact I could explore different business cultures in different aspects of finance seemed ideal. The opportunity to gain a fully funded master’s degree was a great bonus.”

Inigo’s first placement was with Atradius which he says was “more customer based. It required me to communicate with brokers and be aware of companies from all over the UK who deal with different buyers. I get to see a different side of financial services in my current placement as I’m working in a more finance driven role at Vauxhall Finance.

I’m responsible for reconciling payments within our different banks and is much more numbers focused. I have to stay focused to ensure no mistakes are made as this could lead to banks not balancing. Everyone at Vauxhall Finance is really friendly and supportive. ”

Despite the challenges that come with working and studying at the same time, Inigo has achieved some fantastic assignment results.

“Being awarded 95% in the Financial Technology assignment was definitely a highlight of my time so far. I also look forward to our in-person lectures seeing everyone face to face, there’s a great social side to the programme.

I’ve also learned how to balance my time much better. Although I used to work part-time whilst I was at university, the hours are much longer now, and the expectations are higher. It’s a valuable lesson to learn though and will set me up for success in my long-term career.

As Inigo looks to the future, he says his goals are to become a chartered accountant.

“It’s always been a target of mine since finishing my undergraduate degree and it’s something I hope to achieve in the near future. Once I finish the Programme I’ll study for my accounting exams and go from there.

I’d encourage anyone who is thinking of applying for the Programme to go for it, especially if you’re unsure exactly what route you want to go down as a career. You won’t get a better opportunity than this!”

Thanks to Inigo for sharing his experience and we wish him all the best.