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Liam Wiltshire on securing a permanent role at Hodge Bank

“After leaving university, it very much felt like every second not spent in further education or investing your career of choice is wasted time – the programme enabled me to both simultaneously.”

That’s what Liam Wiltshire, who is just coming the end of his time on the Financial Services Graduate Programme had to say, reflecting on the last 2 years.

He continued: “The scheme allowed me further my education whilst trying different careers and I’m now very confident in both my choice of career and how transferrable the skills are should I wish to switch it up.

Approaching the end of his undergraduate study, Liam started applying to a number of graduate schemes, despite not having a clear idea of what he really wanted from a career or whether he should continue with a Masters.

“I happened across Graduate Programme Wales and my eyes lit up. It was the only one I went downstairs to immediately tell my parents about. The opportunity was totally unique and exactly what I was looking for – so much so it moved me (permanently) from Leicester to Cardiff. All other applications were backups in case this one fell through, and I was delighted when I eventually made the cut.”

Liam joined the 2021 cohort of Graduates and over the two year period, he embarked on three placements with three of our employer consortium – Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, Monmouthshire Building Society and Hodge Bank.

“My time on the programme has required a degree of discipline and sacrifice, in return for which I received an experience I could not have found elsewhere. The structure works perfectly; the master’s was engaging and interesting, with a unique final project which put all of the learning to the test. The placements allowed me to explore careers I would have otherwise never got the chance to, or thought to bother trying, and the career I’ve landed, is one I would have never have otherwise tried.”

Liam has secured a permanent position with Hodge Bank as an Enterprise Risk Officer, a 2nd line risk & compliance function. He says:

“It’s a role which I can work in the way I thrive. Independent project-based problem solving is where I’m at my best, and the role and company culture fit me to a tee. The country is crying out for 2nd line employees, so the career path is also looking very positive in a vertical sense – and I look forward to working my way up with Hodge or wherever I end up in future.

My goal is to spend the next 5-10 years understanding every function of the business, how they operate, interact, their impact on the business and use that to eventually get into independent business consultancy. This is a long-term goal with many variables, and for the foreseeable future I’m looking forward to building my career in 2nd line.”

After 10 years of being partially funded by the Welsh European Funding Office, the Programme is now seeking future funding. Liam adds:

“It’s so important that the Programme continues, there is simply nothing that can replace it. Without the programme, I would be in an objectively worse position, in a career I’m not sure I wanted and certainly without a masters.

Thanks to the Programme I’m confident in what I want to do and my ability to do it, I’m better educated with the masters and am now a permanent resident of Cardiff keeping here the skills that the scheme has helped to develop.


Thanks to Liam for sharing his journey and we wish him all the best in his future career.