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Spotlight on Graduates – Matt Payne

Matthew Payne is one of the latest recruits on our Financial Services Programme. Originally from Oxford, Matt recently completed a degree in Physics and Astrology from Cardiff University and was unsure about the exact route he wanted to take his career in.

“Like many people leaving education, I was unsure of the exact route I wanted to take however, I knew that I wanted a career in a stimulating and exciting industry. I started looking at jobs across a variety of sectors, but Financial Services stood out to me as it is a presented a new challenge in a fast-paced environment.

Although my degree field wasn’t directly related to the financial services industry, the skills I learnt such as problem solving, and critical thinking would be transferrable to the sector and it would also give me the opportunity to learn so many more skills”.

Matt joins our 2021-2023 cohort of graduates which is made up of 38 talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of degrees.

“The main attraction for me was the opportunity to develop within three different placements across the two years. Experiencing different businesses across the financial services industry is a great way to learn and grow as a young professional.

The placements not only give you exposure to different areas within a business but also the chance to network with many professionals. The opportunity to study for a master’s as part of the programme also stood out to me. I feel that the programme provides a unique chance to immerse yourself in financial services both professionally and academically and will provide accessibility to future employment opportunities.”

Matt’s first placement is within the Financial Control team at Pepper Money Ltd, a consumer finance company that specialises in first and second charge residential mortgages. He tells us:

“Since taking on the role as a Financial Assistant, I’ve already been given responsibilities and have been trained to conduct certain accounting processes to support the Costs and the Revenue teams. I have particularly enjoyed how the company has trusted me to work on important tasks and treated me as a part of the team from day one.

The transition from student life to employment has been challenging. I am now part of a large organisation and the work I produce has an impact on my team. I have really enjoyed my first few weeks of work and have found that everyone has been extremely supportive. Although at times it has been daunting, having the other graduates, the programme team and my own team to talk to and learn from has been a real benefit.

My main goal for the next two years is to learn as much as possible. I hope to develop my knowledge and understanding of not only the financial services sector, but also of the inner workings of businesses.  I plan to make the most of all networking opportunities and develop connections throughout the industry. Ensuring I make a positive impact will enhance my future career prospects.”

Thanks to Matt for sharing his experience into financial services and his first few weeks on the Programme. We look forward to helping him develop in his career and to see him grow over the next two years.