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Meet Holly, the newest member of the WCCF team!

Holly joined us in November as our new Programme Coordinator and we’re delighted to have her on the team.

Having recently moved to Wales from New Zealand, she’s brought a fresh approach to the role and has settled into the team quickly.

She told us:

“I’m very happy to have joined Cnect Wales as part of the Graduate Programme team. I started my new role as Programme Coordinator exactly a month after arriving here in the UK and have loved it so far.

My role involves recruiting and selecting graduates for the programmes, working with our employer consortium to place graduates into their host companies, assisting with organising events, and keeping our systems and records tidy.

Being from New Zealand, I had a lot to learn jumping into my first job in Wales. The companies we work with were unfamiliar to me despite most being well known organisations in the UK, and a lot of terminology was different to what I was used to. Luckily, the team were more than happy to help me with all my questions, and I’ve been able to fit right in here and learn so much from everyone.

So far, I have been working on getting our current cohort of Data/AI graduates set up ahead of the start the next Fast Track programme in January of 2022, and once they’re all settled in I’m very much looking forward to working on our next recruitment campaign.”

Holly has done a fantastic job so far of helping us to ensure our graduates get the best experience possible and we’re looking forward to supporting her growth with the WCCF and giving her the best experience of working here in Wales!