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Monmouthshire Building Society pledge £50,000 to local community groups

Monmouthshire Building Society pledge £50,000 to local community groups

Monmouthshire Building Society have pledged to double the amount they donate through their Charitable Foundation this year, as charities and communities start to feel the pinch.

The Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation donated over £26,000 last year and is set to almost double the figure, pledging to donate a further £50,000 this year.

The foundation, which is funded by the Newport-based building society, helped 34 charities, community groups and organisations in need last year.

The foundation aims to provide modest donations that have a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the communities they serve.

Dawn Gunter, Chief Operating Officer at Monmouthshire Building Society and Trustee of the Charitable Foundation said: “We know that our Charitable Foundation makes a huge difference to our local communities and it’s never been more important to support those in need. This year we want to help even more charities, community groups and organisations and are delighted to have agreed a pledge of £50,000.

“We’re really keen to ensure that we continue to support those small charities and local community clubs as costs increase. We recognise that it can be difficult for them to access the kind of funding they need to be able to expand their charity and to be able to support people within their areas. As a Charitable Foundation, we understand that we can play an important part in filling that gap for them to ensure that not only can they survive but continue to grow and prosper.”

Since it was formed in 2000, the Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation has contributed over £332,000 to 548 local community groups, organisations and good causes across south Wales and the south west of England.

Llanfoist Primary School, near Abergavenny, was one of the successful applicants, supported by the foundation this year. The school applied for waterproofs and wellies to enable pupils to do more year-round outdoor learning.

Headteacher, Stewart Davies, said: “Instilling a love of the outdoors for future generations is essential. By shifting our focus in school and making outdoor learning a part of daily life we are sure our pupils will also inspire their families to go on to create biodiverse wildlife gardens, to re-wild sections of their garden like we have started to do on school grounds, to recycle more and to consider what changes they can make to make a sustainable difference to our planet.

“We are so grateful to Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation for facilitating our outdoor learning vision.”

The Charitable Foundation is just one of a number of community initiatives from Monmouthshire Building Society, which also provides sponsorship for local grassroots organisations through their high street branches, and colleague volunteers to local organisations in need of time and manpower.

Charities, community groups and grassroots organisations are invited to apply for funding by visiting or dropping into their local Society branch.