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Obinna Okoye on his journey into data, securing a permanent job and being promoted

Obinna knew he wanted to pursue a career in Data when in 2020 when he was completing a module for his ACCA certification. Soon after, he decided to pursue a conversion course in Applied AI at the University of Bradford.

“The course provided a general overview of the way companies are using data and a placement allowed me to develop AI models, train, and test datasets on them, and generate insights that can be relied upon to make business decisions.”

With his course coming to an end, Obinna was looking for the next step, something that would help him kickstart his data career which is when he discovered the Fast Track Programme.

“The Programme provided an opportunity that was the perfect transition between university and the world of work. It was that big break I needed into the data science and analytics world, and my experience has been phenomenal to say the least.

I had the opportunity to interact with the best minds across Wales and other parts of the UK. Some passionate, brilliant, and forward thinkers in the cohort ensured that we weren’t short of ideas and answers to questions. My project, which was on customer segmentation, was a highlight of the placement. It provided an opportunity to really deploy an AI model on company dataset, track the data movements and make decisions based on the insight gathered.”

Obinna’s placement was with Pepper Money and he was exposed to a range of business projects alongside studying for a post graduate diploma in Applied Data/AI, delivered by University of South Wales School of Computing and Mathematics.

“My biggest learning on the Programme is understanding how to launch, train and test predictive models on the data available to the company. It is quite exciting to possess an understanding of how and when to use the different algorithms available in data science and analytics in different scenarios.”

At the end of the Programme Obinna was not only offered a permanent contract with Pepper Money, but he was also promoted to Analytics Manager for their Marketing department.

“I’m glad the company was impressed with the amount of work I put in during the placement and rewarded my commitment with a promotion. I look forward to where my career can take me.

My long-term goal is becoming the VP of the Data and Analytics team of an FTSE-500 company in the shortest possible time.  But in the short to medium term, I will look to build on the knowledge I have garnered already on AI algorithms and models. I’d also like to convert my PgDip certificate to an MSc in Data Science and will be considering a PhD in the future, if a funding opportunity presents itself.”

Obinna recently sat on a panel of other data professionals to speak to current graduates at the University of Bradford about their future careers.

“The Applied Artificial Intelligence Society at the University of Bradford reached out to former students who have become successful in securing jobs in data to share our experience and answer questions that the present cohort of students may have.

The event was attended mainly by postgraduate students of Applied AI and data analytics as well as other invited guests and speakers who are influential in the tech world. Notable representatives of Venture capitalist firms in the North of England were in attendance as well.

It felt really good sharing my journey and experience with all the students that were in attendance especially the ones on the conversion course. I enjoyed answering the questions raised and reassuring the participants that the future is bright in terms of data and the opportunity it holds.

I would certainly advise anyone thinking of applying for the Fast Track Graduate Programme to go for it. It is the best opportunity to transition into data and its manipulation techniques. The Programme offers the perfect blend of classroom work and hands-on experience at the workplace.”


Congratulations to Obinna on his promotion and we wish him all the best in the future.