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The Power of Laughter

Health and wellbeing is a top priority for employers, with many businesses exploring different wellbeing strategies to support their employee’s through the pandemic.

In a recent virtual catch up with Princewill, one of our Fast-Track data/AI graduates on placement with Opel Vauxhall Finance, we became aware of a rather unusual wellbeing technique used within the business.

Princewill tells us more:

“A peculiar wellbeing strategy at Opel Vauxhall Finance involved conversational exercises with randomly assigned members of my wider team.

I was lucky enough to be paired with a senior manager who uses a technique called ‘Laughter therapy’ to reduce the effects of stress.

He explained it was based on the belief that intentional laughter provides similar psychological benefits to spontaneous laughter, because the mind can’t differentiate between the two.

I was fairly sceptical, but curious.

The exercise started with some warmup techniques which included clapping, chanting and exaggerated breathing to help us feel more comfortable and to encourage a sense of playfulness.

Slow and intentional laughter quickly turned real and contagious; eventually spreading to some of my family members who thought I was slowly going insane!

He challenged me to use this technique whenever I felt particularly stressed at work.

Not only was this exercise enjoyable, it provided an excellent icebreaker to the rest of the conversation with someone new.

I would recommend this type of therapy to anyone feeling the stress of work; particularly during these difficult times.”

Hearing Prince recount his experience certainly put a smile on our faces and hopefully it will do the same for you!

Research shows that laughter not only provides a full-scale workout for your muscles, it unleashes a rush of stress-busting endorphins. Why not give it a go today?!