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Welsh Finance Services Graduate Programme Case Study: Shishir Musale

Name: Shishir Musale
Age: 28
Degree: Meng in Chemical Engineering
Company: Julian Hodge Bank
Job title: Trainee Accountant
Where are you from originally? Pembrokeshire

What attracted you to the WFSGP?

The chance to explore multiple roles within multiple companies in a short space of time. This is something that wouldn’t be possible through other jobs or other graduate schemes and is unique to the WFSGP.

Did you ever consider a career in Financial Services?

It wasn’t my first choice but after getting a job after university it began to interest me. I found it hard to get my foot in the door with other businesses because I had no prior finance experience. The graduate programme offered me the chance to gain this experience while earning at the same time.

Tell us about your experience of the Programme since the first rotation.

I have only worked in two companies since joining the scheme as I accepted a permanent job offer during my second placement at Julian Hodge Bank.

My first role was with the Principality where I was working within the Projects department. I had previous experience of working on projects, but this had been from a manufacturing perspective. I found it really interesting to be looking at them from a finance point of view and I learned a lot from this.

My second role was with Hodge bank within a purely financial role. When I joined the scheme, I was hoping to secure a role within finance, so I grabbed this opportunity when it presented itself. The learning curve here has been a lot steeper, but I have learned and experienced so much in my 9 months so far.

Do you think you would be working for Hodge Bank had it not been for the programme?

I think it would have been very unlikely for me to get a role at Hodge Bank if it hadn’t been for the WSFGP, even less so within a finance team.

How did it feel to be offered a full-time position?

It felt great when I was offered the job as it felt like I had accomplished my goal to work in financial services. I knew there would be a lot to learn but I have embraced the opportunities and really enjoyed my work thus far.

What are your future career goals?

As part of the scheme, I’m currently also studying the Msc, I was offered to opt out of this and work for the company full time, but I believe the MSc will be a valuable degree to have. In addition, I’m currently in the process of being ACCA qualified. My short-term goals are to complete both sets of training over the next couple of years, and my long term goals are to continue with a finance and accountancy role for the foreseeable future.

What is the best thing about the WFSGP?

The opportunity to try out various roles in different companies, from small scale to national organisations.

Are there any tips you would give someone who was thinking about applying for the programme?

If you have any interest in working within the financial services sector, just go ahead and apply. There’s no requirement of prior financial experience, it’s all about your attitude and desire to learn. I’m a prime example and have been fortunate to secure myself a full-time job.

Any advice for the making the most of the Programme?

Personally, I would say try and experience all placements offered within the scheme, unless you’ve found a role that you know for sure is what you want to do. The MSc alongside the job is also very useful in aiding your learning and will give you a good idea as to what your interests and strengths are.