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Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme Case Study: Ines Duarte

Name: Ines Duarte

Age: 24

• Degree: BSc in Psychology with a professional placement

• Company: LexisNexis Risk Solutions
• Job title: Data Science Graduate

• Where are you from originally? : Lisbon, Portugal

What attracted you to the WDSGP?

I immediately understood that the WDSGP was an incredible opportunity because the way it encompassed academic qualifications and work experience with the biggest employers in Cardiff.

Did you ever consider a career in Data Science?

Yes. Since finishing my degree I have always been open to working with data and statistics.

Tell us about your experience of the Programme so far?

My experience of the Programme has been very positive. All the graduates get along and I have been learning new things every day.

Have you been able to apply skills from your degree?

Yes. My Psychology degree had a great emphasis on statistics and research design which are a crucial part of Data Science.

Modules related to Cognitive Psychology were also relevant as they touched on the neural correlates of the processes by which humans evaluate various sources of information and how they may be implemented computationally.

I also had modules on neuroscience, including my research project, where I developed an understanding of neuroscientific concepts related to the patterns of synaptic activity, which are ultimately what inspires Artificial Neural Networks.

What are your future career goals? Do you think the programme will support you in getting there?

Although I definitely foresee a career in Data Science in the future, for now my main goal is to finish the programme having acquired has much experience, skills and knowledge as possible.

What is the best thing about the WDSGP?

The best thing about the programme is was attracted me to it in the first instance – the opportunity to learn through a combination of academic and professional experiences. That being said, I really like how the programme is structured to facilitate learning and the support it gives to the graduates.

Are there any tips you would give someone who was thinking about applying for the programme?

My main concern before applying to the programme was that I did not have any programming skills and as such would be unable to be successful. It is important to realise that this programme is targeted at people with the right mind-set and not necessarily at people with the right skills, as these can be learnt.

As such, I advise those who are thinking about applying to not let their background deter them because it could very well be the best career move they do.

Any advice for the making the most of the Programme?

Say yes to everything.